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Odds and Ends and Endings

Stewart Island Trail Flooding

Next- Kumagaya!

Mason Bay Tractor

This was about where I said: "Thanks, I've finished the trail, no more please."

"Sorry for the inconvenience. Trail is now river"

Nugget Point Lighthouse

Brief glimmer of sunlight at day break

Last hut! Bye Martin's hut!

Our champagne trail angels!

Hangin out the sunroof! In the clouds.

Stewart Island is considered the anchor of New Zealand as Maori legend holds. Jeff's just trying to bring it a bit closer to the mainland. ;) This chain rises up once again on the shores of Stewart Island.

Straight Stud.

Bluff Lighthouse

Nugget point with some lovely folks from the States. We met them at a museum in Invercargil one day, then, after getting a hitch that dropped us in a town we had not even planned on visiting, we happened to walk into a cafe and sit down next to them the following day! Unbelievable. They took us a bit further and we got to do some sight seeing in the Catlins thanks to their transport!

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