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About Us


          We both lived in New York City for about 9 years before getting married on August 15, 2015 and starting the next chapter of our lives.  Jeff has been a frequent through hiker for the past decade and his accolades include the Coast to Coast trail in England, the Appalachian Trail (2008), The Pacific Crest Trail (2010) and the Continental Divide Trail (2012). 

                  Back in 2011,  we tackled the Camino de Santiago together. We opted for the Route del Norte which provided us with a slightly more challenging, solitary and picturesque hike. The shared experience of coexisting on the trail helped to solidify our compatibility and opened up future endeavors, such as the one on which we are about to commence. 

                 Jeff's extensive experience on the trail, combined with our hardened New York state of mind, prepared us to take on New Zealand's Te Araroa trail in the fall of 2015.  After completing the trek that winter, we moved back to Kate's home in Amesbury, MA where we  are busy transforming her family's lovely farm house into a B&B and event space while also pursuing other business ventures.  Currently, Kate is the art teacher for Amesbury's middle school while Jeff works as a server at the Black Cow restaurant in nearby Newburyport.



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