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I've decided to add this this page for anyone who might be interested in what gear we carry, be they serious gear heads, thinking of thru-hiking themselves, or just Kiwis curious about how us Yanks do things on the trail.  We certainly aren't ultra-lighters, at least not to most hardcore Americans, but obviously we try to keep weight down where we can.  It will be a work in progress, seeing as computer time is, as always, very limited.  Anyway, here goes:


Packs -- Osprey Atmos 50 Liter (Jeff)

               Gregory Jade (Kate)

Pack covers -- Heavy duty garbage bags (the best for really wet weather, in my opinion)

Hydration -- Camelbak 100 oz reservoir 

Extra Water Storage -- Platypus 4 Liter water bag

Water Treatment -- Katadyn Hiker Pro water pump

Stove -- Biolite wood burning stove

Trekking Poles -- Leki Super Makalu (Jeff).  I like the weightier aluminum shaft poles, for harderhiking.  Titanium or carbon fiber ones tend to crack with too much use.

                           Mountainsmith (Kate)

Sleeping Bags -- Marmot 15 degree down bag

                           LaFuma 45 degree synthetic fill

Sleeping Bag liners -- Sea to Summit

Sleeping pads -- Thermarest Ridgerest (Jeff)


Tent -- MSR Hubba Hubba

Boots -- Oboz trail shoes (Jeff)

              Merrell trail shoes (Kate) 

Rain Shell -- Marmot (Jeff)

                    North Face (Kate)

Pants -- EMS zip off cargo pants

Sun Hat -- Tilley (Jeff)

Wind shirt -- Marmot (Jeff)

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