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Bathrooms and Bedrooms


Woke from our cozy private digs at Pippa's house and headed in to catch the ferry to Auckland. We picked up our bounce box at the Attic Backpackers and after some additions and removals we were ready once again to send it on it's way. We made a quick stop at the library and Jeff to the gear store to pick up a new buckle for his pack. It's crazy how much faith we put into small plastic objects to hold our entire lives together on the trail. We resupplied and had a lovely walk to Ambury park, south of Auckland. The "coast to coast" trail (which goes from one side of Auckland to the other) led us through some of the city sites and eventually across a bridge and out of the city. We stealth camped in the park and made a lovely dinner next to many rudgy playing families.


Another early morning got us out and tramping once again on MANY roads south of Auckland. For some reason, the trail makes sure that its trampers do not miss the lovely Auckland airport and all of its industrial fascilities. To say the least, this day was composed of mostly boring road walking UNTIL we stumbled upon the most incredible restroom fascilities! They are electric public bathrooms with autolock doors that anounce once you enter, "You now have ten minutes to enjoy this restroom" and start playing music. Neither Jeff nor I stuck around long enough to find out what happens after 10 minutes.... Our walk took us through the burbs and when we couldn't handle another road walk, we started trying for a hitch down a notoriously bad 6 km stretch of highway. To our GREAT surprise we got one right away, from the lovely couple Nikki and Peter. They took us down the stretch of highway, dropped us off for another 8 km of tramping and THEN came and picked us up from the trail, took us home for showers, laundry, dinner, drinks, dessert, a warm bed and some of the best conversation yet! Their generosity will never be forgotten. Nikki even dropped us off on the trail in the morning on her way to work, after a delicious breakfast!

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