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Exploring Enclaves

Our first full day in Auckland and feeling ready and filled with good touristing vibes. We woke this morning to find that our bag had STILL not arrived, but this afforded us some time to make calls and figure out some more logistics of actually getting to the start of the trail. We booked our Intercity bus for Monday but realized that this would have us arriving too late to make a connection to any tourist bus that might be heading to Cape Reinga (where we actually start the trail). Soooo... we had to book another hostel for the night and pay the (rather steep!) fee for the full Bay of Islands tour that makes a stop at Cape Reinga. At which point we will be disembarking and FINALLY getting on the trail! Luckily the tour should provide lunch. So I don't feel totally gyped. If that is in fact how you spell gyped- (I tried "jipped" first, wrong. Very wrong.) Anyway, I digress. Then we headed to the post office to pick up a bounce box and stopped to get our first provisions for the trail. Yahoo for free instant potatoes from the hostel! (which, are surprisingly 99% potato! who knew!?) After a big of shopping we hit the town. First, we explored the fish market, very impressive South Street Seaport feel, if the SSS were actually a SEA. PORT. Then we headed back to Queens street, the main street through the city, and stopped for a coffee and some people watching. NEWS FLASH: Brunch is not a thing in New Zealand. Apparently they prefer to sleep. Go figure.

​We subsequently ventured to Albert Park and found some STUNNING trees! Jeff and I both agreed that if we were children one might have actually had to pry us from the overwhelmingly awesome climbing possibilities.

And naturally it would also be the Indian Diwali festival day, so we watched some ethnic dances and took advantage of their street festival. Such a colorful day! So far the weather has been IDEAL hiking temps and it's making it hard to sit inside and miss starting our adventure! Alas, our bag did arrive from the airport and we are fully packed and ready to go. Let me quote my husband "Well, I guess we can go out for dinner.. we are on our honeymoon". Love that attitude! Gonna hit up some BYOB action- full review to follow.

From Auckland with love <3

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