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Actually in Auckland

We're writing this today (tonight? this morning? I have no idea what time my body thinks it is right now) from the Attic Backpackers Hostel in downtown Auckland, NZ. Kate and I got in at about 6:45 local time this afternoon, after a series of relatively calm flights followed by a few snags; one of our checked bags that contained our tent, our stove, and a few other essentials was delayed in Sydney and should hopefully be forwarded to our hostel tomorrow morning. It's slightly worrisome given that the New Zealand biosecurity control screening is pretty tight, and we won't be there to see some of our hiking gear cleared through customs, especially given that they took Kate's new boots and inspected them despite her only wearing them twice. We also had what felt like an excruciatingly long wait for a bus from the airport (it was probably about 30 minutes, but after 27 hours of travel it felt like forever), before we finally arrived at our destination and could start getting settled in. Now that we are here, the reality of the trail seems closer, and we can begin the logistics of how exactly we will live for the next 4 months. We made a brief trip to the supermarket, where every decision can be weighed down with questions of calories, cost, and mass, if you let it, and finally it's time for some much needed rest. Hopefully we'll equalize with the local time, and can actually start digging in to the task at hand in the morning. Talk to you all later! There is alot of excitement ahead!


Jeff and Kate

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